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With an array of club-friendly tracks, Problem has made a name for himself via his numerous mixtapes. He was born in West Germany but grew up in Compton, California. Originally starting out as a producer, Problem was friends with Terrace Martin, serving as a writer with him on multiple occasions. This led Problem to be discovered by Snoop Dogg who gave Problem his first big break as a writer. Problem and his brother both founded Diamond Lane Music group in 2008. A year later, he found himself signing a contract with Universal which later dropped him. Rebounding in a significant manner, Problem would move on to work with a host of big-name artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx, Pharrel Williams and Kendrick Llamar. Problem’s latest mixtape, “A Separation,” would feature Hip-Hop artists such as Wale, Chris Brown, and T.I. He is working on an EP for the coming year, which will be called, “Understand Me.”


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