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Capital Cities is an American pop duo from Los AngelesCalifornia, formed by Ryan Merchant (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Sebu Simonian (vocals, keyboard). Their debut EP was released, with lead single “Safe and Sound” which became their first top ten hit single. The band currently consists of Ryan Merchant, Sebu Simonian, Manny Quintero on bass guitar, Spencer Ludwig on trumpet, Nick Merwin on guitar and Channing Holmes on drums. A subsequent single, “Kangaroo Court“, was released. The band was featured on the Pop Up #1 compilation selected by Perez Hilton that was released. The band’s song “Safe and Sound” charted at #1 on the US Alternative Songs chart. The song was also used in a German Vodafonecommercial. It was also used in the United States and Canada in a television commercial for Mazda 3. The song “Center Stage” was featured on ESPN’s First Take where they played a short segment of the retro sounding track before going to commercial breaks. The band’s debut album, In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, was released via Capitol Records in partnership with Lazy Hooks. It was the first release of new material on Capitol with a Universal Music Groupcatalog number. The album debuted at number sixty-six on the Billboard 200 chart.


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